Why Pillows Are Important In 2022

Last Updated on March 20, 2022

Why Pillows Are ImportantPillows are a crucial part of one’s sleep. They are vital in providing our bodies the rest that they need. Sleeping without a pillow or sleeping with a saggy pillow can hinder your rest and as a result, it adversely affects all the other parts of your life.

It’s important to pay attention to your pillows if you’re unable to sleep or even worse if you’re getting enough sleep, but your body still feels tired after hours of napping.

Science of Sleep

There is science behind everything, and that applies to sleeping as well. Chiropractors will tell you how important it is that all your muscles get proper rest if you’re to avoid back aches or neck pains. These two muscular aches are the most common types of pain caused by the lack of a good pillow.

Most people who experience a neck ache will take painkillers but that is not the solution to their problem as more often than not, the problem can be solved just by getting a new pillow. Now that it has been established that pillows are important to your sleep, and in turn for every other part of your life, here’s how you should know when and how to buy the best pillows.

Knowing When To Replace Your Pillow

The first fact that you have to accept is that pillows don’t last forever so if you’re holding on to a years-old saggy pillow for some emotional reason, maybe it is time to let go of it for the greater good; and that greater good is proper sleep.

One way to check if your pillow needs to be thrown away is to fold it in half and place a book on it. If the pillow springs back, you’re good, but if it remains folded, it’s time to go pillow shopping.

How To Buy The Best Pillows

It’s important to know what material of pillow you’re getting. Memory foam pillows are usually thicker and firmer but down pillows are fluffier than the rest.

It’s also important to consider your sleeping position while buying pillows as thicker pillows suit side sleepers better while stomach sleepers will need a thinner one.

Why Pillows Are Important In 2021

To make sure your pillow lasts longer, check the care label for appropriate guidelines on washing. Testing the pillow just like you test the mattress is also imperative, and your pillow type will change as your body changes so if a particular type is no longer comfortable, maybe it’s time to buy yourself a new pillow.

1. Allersoft 100% Cotton Pillow

Allersoft 100% Cotton PillowTired of getting new pillows time after time? If you’re looking to increase the life of your pillow and protect it from dust mites, the Allersoft 100%-Cotton Pillow Encasement will help you in achieving that.

Pure Cotton Cover:

This pillow encasement is made out of pure cotton with a thread count of 280 which is a perfect combination of comfort, softness and efficiency. You can clean it easily over and over without any quality reduction.

Double Stitching:

The cover is double stitched for safety and has 12 stitches per inch, which means that there is no chance of tearing or shredding so the pillow cover will last throughout your life.


  • Made using hundred percent pure cotton.
  • The thread count of 280 gives comfort and soft feel.
  • Protects from dust mites and other allergens.
  • 12 stitches per inch and safety double stitch.
  • Heavy gauge and rust proof nylon zipper.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.


Buying a pillow is not enough as you have to protect it and handle it with care to increase its life and make sure it retains the shape and quality and this product is ideal for it.

2. Beans72 Pillows Are Important

Beans72 Pillows Are ImportantIf you’re not comfortable with your regular pillow anymore and spend your nights turning and tossing around, it’s time you try the Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow to improve your sleep.

100 % Organic Pillows:

It is filled primarily with buckwheat hulls that are pure and organic and grown right here in the U.S. Unbleached, and pure cotton is used for the production of these natural and comfortable pillows.

Ideal For Sleeping Problems:

These natural and organic pillows adjust to the position of your head, neck as well as the spine to give you comfortable sleep and get rid of your sleeping problems.


  • Made out of a hundred percent pure unbleached cotton.
  • Filled with a hundred percent organic buckwheat hulls grown in U.S.
  • Ideal for relieving sleeping problems including tension, stiff neck, muscle pain, headache or stress.
  • Buckwheat pillow does not collapse like foam but instead adjusts perfectly to your neck, spine and head.
  • Buckwheat hulls allow air circulation that keeps the pillow cool during summers.
  • A hundred percent organic and natural alternative to regular pillows.


Natural, organic and more comfortable than the regular pillows, this product could be the solution to your sleep problems.

3. Beautyrest Why Pillows Are Important

Beautyrest Why Pillows Are ImportantIf you’re unable to get proper sleep or if your body feels tired even after hours of napping, maybe it’s time to get a new pillow, and Beautyrest Latex Foam Pillow is the perfect replacement for your old pillow.

Latex Foam:

This foam pillow is made entirely out of latex which means that it offers support to your neck, head and spine throughout your sleep. The structure of the pillow retains shape after every sleep instead of flattening out.

Pure Cotton Cover:

It is covered with pure cotton to offer smooth and comfortable feel to your body. Cotton means it is easy to wash. However, tender care should be exercised.


  • Made purely out of natural latex foam.
  • Covered with a hundred percent cotton stripe cover with a 250 thread count.
  • Anti-microbial properties integrated for protection and long life.
  • It offers perfect support for the head and neck.
  • Cell structure allows the pillow to bounce back and not lose shape by flattening over time.


It’s a high-quality product that provides you proper support and a comfortable night’s sleep, so you stay fresh for the rest of your day.

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