3 Best Wedge Pillows For Vertigo Reviews 2022

Last Updated on January 15, 2022

Best Wedge Pillows For VertigoPrimary purpose of wedge pillows is to elevate the body while sleeping. This is commonly helpful in problems such as acid reflex and sinus headaches.

Best Wedge Pillows For Vertigo are made of soft materials to privet a healthy incline as you sleep, which can help with vertigo and also conditions like back pain, sleep apnea and acid reflex as well

Wedge pillows achieve this as they are inclined at a certain angle so that they elevate the body while the person sleeps. This prevents the acid from re fluxing from stomach to the esophagus.

There are many different types of wedge pillows available in the market, however. Some pillows are designed only to elevate the neck and shoulders, while some are intended to raise the back or the whole body. These pillows mostly vary in dimensions, but the main purpose is the same i.e. to incline the body at a particular angle.

Using a wedge pillow is not just helpful for people with medical problems as it can also be used by average sleepers to improve their sleep.Generally, wedge pillows are placed under the actual pillow, but some prefer not to use any other pillow when using a wedge pillow. Wedge pillows are also useful for people who may have suffered recent injuries and need to lie in an elevated position to recover.

In short, wedge pillows have several purposes, and they are one of the most commonly used pillows. The best wedge pillows have certain features that other pillows may lack.Thus, if you’re looking to buy a wedge pillow, knowing what features you need to look for can be helpful.

3 Best Wedge Pillows For Vertigo Reviews

Although most wedge pillows are made of conventional foam, the use of memory foam is increasing rapidly. Memory foam is much more efficient and durable than the normal foam. So if you’re looking to buy the best wedge pillow, make sure it is made of memory foam. The angle of inclination of the best wedge pillows for vertigo is also an important feature. Most of the top brands design the wedge pillows with the help of orthopedic specialists so that the design is medically useful.

The ideal angle that a wedge pillow should be inclined at is between 30 to 45 degrees. A pillow inclined at less than 30 degrees will not be effective at all. Other common features that set the best wedge pillows apart from the normal ones are features such as quality, color, and material of the covers. The dimensions of the pillow can also add to the price of a best wedge pillows for Vertigo as larger pillows cost more.

1. Science of Sleep Best Wedge Pillows For Vertigo

Science of Sleep Best Wedge Pillows For VertigoIf you’re suffering from symptoms of acid reflux, getting a sleep wedge pillow designed specially to solve this problem can help you soothe its symptoms so that you can get proper sleep. The Science of Sleep’s Wedge Pillow is the perfect product for this purpose.

Designed for Acid Reflux:

The wedge pillow is designed by specialists keeping the problems faced by people suffering from acid reflux in mind so that they can get a comfortable sleep and get rid of the symptoms of acid reflux. It is designed to provide maximum relief from acid reflux.

Quilted Cover:

You can use the pillow under the bed sheet or simply by placing it on top of it as the pillow is covered with a quilted top cover that is zippered so that it can be taken off easily for cleaning or washing. You can wash the cover in the machine or by hand.


  • Reduces and eliminates acid reflux problems.
  • Ideal for sleeping or just resting.
  • Quilted cover provided with the wedge pillow; zippered and washable.


A wedge pillow helps with acid reflux problems by inclining you at the right angle, and this pillow is one of the best wedge pillows available.

2. Avana Best Wedge Pillow

Avana Best Wedge Pillows If you like to spend time in bed reading books and watching television, a back support pillow to help you prop up nicely and sit comfortably for hours, like the Avana Back Rest Lumbar Pillow, will be ideal for your health.

Reversible Back Rest:

The pillow is designed to adjust to the spinal alignment of your body so that you can sit comfortably without undergoing any stress.

Memory Foam:

The use of durable and high-quality memory foam provides the necessary firmness to support the body easily while being comfortable and relaxing.


  • Designed by orthopedic specialists for ideal lumbar support.
  • Reversible back rest offers comfort while sitting in bed.
  • Ideal for patients confined to bed; ideal for relaxing in bed, watching TV, and reading.
  • Removable and soft cover made of lush polyester; machine washable.
  • Coordinating microsuede side.
  • Filled with high-quality memory foam.
  • Available in three different colors: cloud, grey, and mocha.
  • Ideal for back support for long durations.


It’s a back support pillow that is perfect for being comfortable during everyday activities so that you don’t have to suffer from a backache.

3. Z Pillows For Vertigo 

Z Wedge Pillows For Vertigo Suffering from heartburn, sinus pressure, or acid reflux can cause hindrance in your sleep. However, this can be taken care of if you use the Z Wedge Pillow that is designed especially for tackling these issues.

Polyurethane Foam:

Not only is this foam resistant to dust mite and hypoallergenic, but it is also made using open-cell technology that makes it a long-lasting and durable foam that is ideal for providing you with support to prop you up while sitting.

Velour Cover:

The bamboo velour cover is soft and smooth, and it can be easily removed for washing. It also allows airflow to make the pillow breathable.


  • Provides relief from several medical issues such as acid reflux and sinus.
  • Ideal for supporting and propping yourself up.
  • Polyurethane foam is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mite.
  • Bamboo velour pillow cover that is removable and washable.
  • Durable and supportive pillow; three-year warranty.
  • Wedged at the best angle advised by medical experts.


It’s an ideal wedge pillow for people suffering from acid reflux or sinus problem and looking for a comfortable and sound sleep and to get rid of the symptoms of these problems.

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