Best Pillows For Tension Headaches 2022-Relaxation Migraine

Last Updated on January 15, 2022

Best Pillows For Tension HeadachesMigraines and chronic headaches are becoming increasingly common these days. Headache can be associated with neck pain and tension the perfect pillow can improve both your sleep quality and your mental health. The Best Pillows For Tension Headaches relieve pressure points and prevent pain- not cause it

In fact, studies have shown that one out of thirteen people suffers from morning headaches, and the rate of migraines is even higher. The possibility of a connection between these headaches and sleep disorders is plausible.

Most of the time, patients that complain of fatigue, tiredness, or frequent headaches are experiencing these issues due to lack of sleep or some other sleep disorder.

It is widely known that if nerves situated in the upper part of the neck are irritated, it can cause severe pain in the head, forehead and even behind the eyes. The same irritation can trigger a migraine as well. This not only highlights the importance of proper rest for the neck, but it also shows that an improper sleeping posture and sleeping on an uncomfortable or unsuitable pillow can cause migraines or other chronic headaches.

Importance of the Right Pillow

In short, using the correct pillow is important to minimize this irritation and in turn, reduce the chances of headaches.

It’s also important to remember that a suitable pillow doesn’t necessarily mean a new or firm pillow as some pillows might not suit your body and sleeping posture. Therefore, it is important to find a pillow that suits you.

Cervical Pillows

Most of the time, the pillows that work for neck pain are also suitable for headaches. Since the neck and back of the head get the proper support from a cervical pillow, the chances of headaches are reduced significantly.

It is fair to say cervical pillows are the best pillows for tension headaches. Furthermore, people who complain of severe morning headaches will find that replacing their chunky pillow with a slimmer one can help correct their neck posture, which in turn reduces the headaches.

Buckwheat Pillows

Although cervical pillows can take some getting used to, after a few days, they are as comfortable as a pillow can get and will ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

However, if cervical pillows aren’t working for you, you can also try organic buckwheat pillows. These pillows work similar to memory foam or gel pillows as they conform and adjust to your shape quickly, but they are more effective as they allow air circulation that keeps your head cool.

So if you’re looking for something natural, buckwheat pillows are worth a shot as well for headaches.

1. Lavender Eye Best Pillows For Headaches

Lavender Eye Best Pillows For HeadachesIt’s important to make sure your eyes get proper rest, especially if you regularly experience pain or spend most of your time in front of a screen. One of the best ways to relieve your eyes of stress and to relax them is aromatherapy. Lavender Eye Pillow is the perfect product for that.

Stress Reliever:

The eye pillow is great for relieving stress after a long day. The scent of lavender flowers relaxes and soothes the eyes. It is also helpful while meditating or performing yoga.


When chilled in the freezer, it helps reduce stress, swelling, and any pain such as a migraine and a Best Pillows for tension headaches. When heated, it can be used to treat sinus pain.


  • Provides relaxation and stress relief by calming aromatherapy.
  • Silky soft fabric on the outside, while organic flax seed and lavender flowers on the inside.
  • Ideal for sleeping; the pillow blocks out all the light.
  • Works better when chilled to reduce swelling or a headache.
  • For sinus pain, heat in the microwave for half a minute.


A brilliant way to give your eyes the much-needed rest with the help of Lavender Eye Pillow while you rest, sleep or meditate.

2. Sleep Mask Best Pillows For Tension Headaches

Sleep Mask Best Pillows For Tension HeadachesIn an age when we are surrounded with screens, whether it is the workplace, lounge or bedroom, it’s vital to rest your eyes properly to avoid any eye-related infections, loss of eyesight, and other related issues. This is made possible by Sleep Mask Pillow, which is the perfect stress reliever for your eyes.

Breathable Cotton:

It’s made out of natural cotton, which means it is possible to wear it on your face comfortably for hours without your skin feeling itchy. It adjusts to the shape of your eyes easily and works as a great pain and stress reliever.


Microbeads are present inside, which give the soothing effect of a massage for the entire duration you wear this eye pillow.


  • Ideal for cold therapy for headaches, migraine or sinus.
  • Blocks out all light; adjusts to your eyes and face.
  • Breathable material of cotton; comfortable to wear.
  • ergoBeads create a massaging effect on the eyes.
  • More effective when placed in the freezer before every use.


It’s important to make sure your eyes get the proper rest while you sleep. If you need to get rid of headaches and migraines, this product is the ideal choice.


BEST MAGNESIUM OIL For HeadachesIf you are among the eighty percent Americans who suffer from a deficiency of magnesium and want to avoid symptoms such as agitation, anxiety, sleep disorders, low blood pressure and many more, try the Magnesium Oil by Seven Minerals. Pure and tested, it is the safest way to reduce magnesium deficiency.

Absorbable Magnesium:

Mined in its ionic liquid form, magnesium oil needs no more processing, so no additives or other chemicals are added, which makes it a 100% pure and natural remedy for magnesium deficiency.

Tested and Approved:

This product has proven to be the best way to gain magnesium and fight the symptoms of its deficiency, which are very common these days.


  • 100 percent absorbable magnesium delivered straight to your cells through your skin.
  • Tested and approved natural remedy for body aches such as sore muscles, leg cramps, headaches and migraine.
  • Effective in improving your sleep and reduces other symptoms of magnesium deficiency.
  • Money-back guarantee; guide e-book included.


Natural remedies can be very effective and are without any harmful side effects. This product is one such remedy for a common deficiency and its symptoms.

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